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Purpose and Authority

Purpose. The primary purpose of the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission shall be to provide policy-level direction and to promote efficient and effective use of resources, based on best practices or evidenced-based practices, for matters related to the state’s criminal justice system. To that end it shall:

  • Identify critical challenges facing the criminal justice system and recommend strategies to resolve them by:
    1. Develop and adopt a three-year strategic plan to be reviewed annually;
    2. Analyze the long-range needs of the criminal justice system;
    3. Assess the cost-effectiveness, return on investment, and performance measures of the use of state and local funds in the criminal justice system.
  • Develop recommendations, when appropriate, on public policy and strategies to improve the state’s criminal justice system.
  • Review and evaluate criminal justice policies and proposed legislation to determine the impact on the state’s adult and juvenile justice systems.
  • Promote communication among criminal justice professionals and the respective branches of state government to improve professionalism, create partnerships, and improve cooperation and coordination at all levels of the criminal justice system.
  • Research and evaluate best practices, and evidenced-based practices, and use findings to influence decisions on policy;
  • Implement a competitive mechanism for awarding certain federal grant funds.

Authority. The Idaho Criminal Justice Commission is created pursuant to Executive Order 2018-03 dated 30 January, 2018.

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